A walk down memory lane

The best thing about memories is making them

As I start to list the counties we’ve been to, lots of great memories start to come back to me like…

Japan – attending a Sumo tournament in Tokyo watching very large men fighting it out, while wearing what looks like a large nappy. The opponents try to push each other out of the dojo, often landing on the or in some spectator’s laps.

Catching the bullet train to Hiroshima to visit the peace museum, a very moving day, and a terrible reminder of what humans can do to each other.

Participating in a tea ceremony in Kyoto, which our 15-year-old daughter Brooklyn, decided it was like “drinking swamp water”. We had to agree, but the memory lingers and from time to time it still gets bought up when we reminisce about our travels.

New Zealand – arriving late one night to rainy Lake Tekapo, only to wake up to 10 cms of fluffy white snow the next morning. We quickly got out of bed to walk around in it like little kids in a winter wonderland.

On the same day we took the opportunity to fly over San Joseph Glacier, what a beautiful sight and highly recommended if you are in the South Island of New Zealand. The experience brought tears to our eyes as we flew over the beautiful landscape and marveled at its awe.

Vanuatu – getting caught in a tropical down pour whilst out on a morning mountain bike ride in a remote part of Vanuatu. We had the best time getting drenched but it was so hot and humid it didn’t really matter.

Vietnam –  Spending a day trekking through the rice paddies in Sapa with our two daughters Jessica and Brooklyn. Sapa is a small mountain town in North Vietnam right near the Chinese border. It was a tough day of trekking through steep and muddy conditions, but so worth it for the experience. Our eldest daughter was the focus of a marriage negotiation on the day. A local boy was taken by the blonde haired, blue eyed girl. We respectfully declined the five water buffalo and a few rice paddies for our daughter Jessica. Tempting at the time but alas no, we decided we liked her too much to hand over.

USA – we were lucky enough to go as a family to the US. We chose to start in San Francisco, where we walked down Lomard Street (you know the windy one), rode bikes through Golden Gate Park. We hired a Jeep and set off to Yosemite National Park with a trek across the mountain in mind. After driving a number of hours we reached the access road to cross the mountain only to find 3 meters of snow had closed the road. It was an interesting trip from there to re-route via Sequoia National Park.

Most importantly on this trip we got to witness our son Damien marry his childhood sweetheart Rachel in Las Vegas.  Once married the Bellagio Casino set the fountains ablast playing a Frank Sinatra, Fly Me To The Moon. A song that Damien and Rachel had picked out earlier.

We could go on for ages, but will stop there for now.

Our dream lifestyle in Puerto Escondido in Mexico has been nothing short of amazing, beautiful beaches, rivers mountains and great friends. See my separate post on amazing Puerto Escondido to learn more. So we thought we had found our utopia but the travel bug was still there and the drums were silently beating, so we joined a couple of house/pet sitting sites (more on this later). These sits gave us the opportunity to travel to other parts of Mexico that we hadn’t visited on our first trip to this part of the world, and so it begins the blogging of our travels…….

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Introducing Us

In January 2018, finding ourselves empty-nesters, we started to put the wheels in motion to begin a life of travel, something so many of us dream about. 

As a couple, we have spent the last 30 years together; we have raised three beautiful children, had a collection of pets; dogs, cats, fish, birds, worked as professionals in various careers, owned, renovated and sold multiple homes and enjoyed the occasional trip abroad. Our ‘kids’ are now young adults who are finding their own way in the world.

As Dean approached his 50th birthday, he floated the idea of selling up our possessions and travelling. Unbeknownst to me at the time, he had been researching possible destinations of where we could “retire or semi-retire” for a while; looking at things like cost of living, visa requirements as well as being a nice place to live etc

Like a lot of our generation, our priority in early years was getting a “secure job”, buying a home and raising children. There is nothing wrong with that choice, but international travel was rarely a consideration.

It wasn’t until we were in our late 30’s that we had our first overseas trip! A far cry from the adventurous travels and prioritising the bucket list that seems to be the “norm” these days.

When we first started travelling, we would spend months working and saving to go off to our chosen destination for 2 or 3 weeks. We went to some beautiful places, stayed in resorts, did the touring thing, had lots of fun and along the way created amazing memories. But like everyone, each time the holiday would come to an end, we were consumed by dread as we dragged ourselves back to work refreshed but already yearning for the next trip.

During this time, we were able to experience many parts of the world, but it always felt rushed and too short.

But here we are, a few years on from the initial floating of the wild pipe-dream and entering our second year living in Mexico.  

And so it begins…