Puerto Morelos – A Quintessential “Sleepy Fishing Village”

Puerto Morelos Old Lighthouse

“Don’t listen to what they say, go see”

Recently our travels found us house & pet sitting in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. We were caring for two older Yorkies, Chili and Paco; we really loved getting to know their personalities and thoroughly enjoyed our time with them. We miss our fur babies, Missy & Charlie who are back home in Australia, so house and pet sitting gives us the best of both worlds, travel and puppy cuddles.

Luckily for us, while we were in Playa we had some great weather, so we headed North up Highway 307, about 30 minutes drive to Puerto Morelos.

Puerto Morelos is a small seaside town nestled on the Caribbean coastline between the busy, overcrowded, resort towns of Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Puerto Morelos has the characteristics and charm of a quaint old fishing village. It was so refreshing not to see large resorts consuming the coastline.

On the beachfront we saw people swimming and snorkelling, a family feeding seagulls and people just taking it easy. Slowing the pace down is so easy at Puerto Morelos. The beach here is protected, making it perfect for swimming or just lazing in the sun.

Two things I didn’t know until we visited Puerto Morelos, is that it is the home of the biggest sea port in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo and it has easy access to the second largest barrier reef in the world….what???

Our first visit to this cute little town was fairly short, we arrived early in the afternoon. We had a walk along the beach-side and out on the jetty, got a ‘Insta’ shot of the crooked lighthouse, took a photo at the town sign, had some fun with the street vendors – all jostling for our business, then went searching for a bite to eat.

Puerto Morelos Beach-side Sign

As we have travelled around México, one thing we have learnt is that the food around the town’s main square always seems to be busy, overpriced and often not that great.

We tend to walk a block or two off the main square when we are looking for lunch or dinner, and once again our tactic worked. Lunch was at El Moro on Av. Javier Rojo Gomez. Both of us couldn’t go past a burrito, one chicken and one arrachera. We cut in half so we got to taste both, a perfect solution to indecision! 🙂

The burritos were freshly made and tasted fantastic, especially with a smothering of hot Mexican salsa. The beer was cold and all the staff were super happy and friendly. It was so good, that I am happy to recommend a visit to El Moro when visiting Puerto Morelos.


Symbolic to this little town is a crooked lighthouse, the old lighthouse dates back to 1905. Hurricane Beulah did some damage to its foundations in 1967, resulting in a definite lean to the old girl! It is painted up blue and white, and is absolutely charming, standing ominously overlooking the main beach.

The crooked lighthouse has become a marketing symbol for the town and a great backdrop to many holiday snaps.

The ongoing problem of sargassum in the Carribean was only slightly evident the day we visited Puerto Morelos. Tyre tacks on the beach confirmed a daily clean up of the beachfront had been performed, for which we were very grateful. The water was a beautiful blue with just a few spots a shade of brown from the sargassum staining the water.

We enjoyed our afternoon in Puerto Morelos, slowing the pace down and taking in the sunshine and views. It was wonderful after having spent weeks in busy areas of Playa del Carmen and Cozumel.

Other things you can do if you are visiting Puerto Morelos are:

1. Visit the botanic gardens

2. Arrange to go horse back ridding.

3. Swim or snorkel in the calm blue waters straight off the main beach.

4. Arrange a fishing tour.

5. Take a tour to the reef to snorkel or scuba dive

6. Take a trip in a glass bottom boat, perfect for viewing the reef and the plethora of fish out in the waters.

7. Wander the streets to check out the street art.

This is one quaint little town we will definitely revisit one day and stay a while.

Happy travels.

Here is a taste of Puerto Morelos from our YouTube channel.

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