Isla Holbox – Some Call It Paradise…I Think They’re Right!

In the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, not far from busy Cancun you will find this little piece of paradise called Isla Holbox. Isla Holbox sits just off the coast, where the Gulf of Mexico meets the Caribbean Sea.

The first thing you notice as you step off the ferry at Isla Holbox is the mode of transport, 4×4 sand-buggy style taxis. These taxis are available to take you through the white sandy streets to your accommodation or to some of the more remote beaches for a secluded swim in the sea.

The white sandy streets, instantly have a relaxing affect on visitors, inviting you to take off your shoes and just enjoy the laid back lifestyle. You really can’t help but be gently rocked into vacation mode.

Beaches on the Island are plentiful, with white sands and aqua coloured waters, it truly is beautiful and definitely inviting.

There are plenty of hammocks hanging in the waters; a perfect setting for a photo op or two. Most of the hammocks in the water have signage close by or above them – yet another ‘Insta shot’ coming up.

Once you’ve got the perfect shot, choose a spot on the beach or a beachside restaurant to sip on a refreshment and laze away a few hours. The location is perfect for it!

If lazing on the beach isn’t enough activity, there is a great assortment of tours, available.

You can arrange a tour to see flamingos and other bird watching activities, this tour also includes some island hopping. Other tours include snorkelling with the whale sharks or fishing, most tours include breakfast and lunch.

You don’t need to book ahead, just book any of the tours once you are on the island.

All of these tours looked amazing! 😁😁

While we were on Isla Holbox we took in the street art; as we have travelled throughout México, we have photographed many pieces of street art. The street art on Isla Holbox is excellent, my favourite pieces were the one’s on beach right in the water. 😄

Luckily for us, our accommodation host gave us a map of the street art locations on the island and pointed out a few of his favourites too. We were not disappointed!

If you would like to see more street art, check out ‘Street Art in Playa del Carmen clip’ on our You Tube Channel, Aussie-Travellers.

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We booked our apartment through, it was conveniently located, just one block from the main square, three blocks from the ferry terminal, and super close to a supermarket, a coffee shop, a taco stand and a traditional Méxican cocina (kitchen)…where the locals eat.

Typically the cocinas have one or two dishes on offer for the day. Often it depends on what fresh ingredients are available at the markets. The meal normally comes with rice, beans and a spicy salsa, they are great value and always taste amazing! My mouth is watering at the thought 🙂.

When visiting Mexico, we suggest you get away from the traditional restaurants and eat where the locals eat, to get a true Mexican experience.

Recently we did just that while we were house and pet sitting. Take a look…

How do you get to Isla Holbox?

We grabbed a ferry to visit Isla Holbox. The ferry terminal is at a little town called Chiquila. When you arrive in Chiquila, you will need to leave your car; there is plenty of choices for secure parking whilst you are on the island. No need to book ahead. I suggest you drive past all the hawkers trying to stop you and check the parks close to the terminal first. Most will have space and you can then simply walk across to the terminal.

You can also arrange a transfer on a small mini bus from the Cancun Airport to the ferry terminal at Chiquila. Alternatively, a transfer is available from Playa del Carmen. Once you are in Chequila you catch the ferry across to Isla Holbox. The bus transfer also includes the cost of the ferry. 🙂

Unfortunately for us we only had an overnight stay on the island, we had another House and Pet Sit commencing in Playa del Carmen the following day, with our favourite Yorkies Paco and Chili, so our visit to Isla was short.

If you are visiting México, we recommend putting Isla Holbox on your list of places to visit. You won’t regret it!

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