Cenote Cristalino – A Cool Oasis In A Jungle Setting

As we travelled around México, we found ourselves house & pet sitting in Playa del Carmen. We were lucky enough to be caring for two super cute Yorkies on this particular sit, Paco and Chili.

While we’re house sitting, we get in lots of cuddles with fur babies and some tourist time. 🙂

A perfect balance, right?!

We woke up to an absolute cracker of a day. It was a beautiful temperature and not a cloud in the sky; a perfect day for a swim in a cenote!

Cenote pronounced (say-NO-tay) 😃 is a Mayan word dzonot, which means “well”.

So, what is a cenote?

A cenote, is a water filled sink-hole made of limestone. A cenote can be open like a lake, or a partial or full cave with a water supply from an underground river system, guaranteeing the water is super chilly.

The Mayans believed a cenote was the gateway to the underworld!  It’s also thought that the cenotes were used for human and material sacrifices, such as jewellery and ceramics.

We set off thinking we would visit three cenotes on the day; Cenote Azul, Cenote El Jardin Eden and Cenote Cristalino.

Well, that didn’t happen!

We got to Cenote Cristalino and stayed for hours, we loved it there.

Having visited our fair share of cenotes in México, we were surprised at the delight we felt arriving at this one!

As we wandered down the path that leads you to the oasis that is Cenote Cristalino, we could see glimpses of the sunlight hitting the clear blue water. Our jaws dropped, and a “wow” escaped our mouths.

We’ve seen many cenotes in our time in Mexico, but it never gets old!

Mother nature keeps surprising us with each one we visit. The natural beauty is extraordinary.

Cenote Cristalino was a jungle oasis, and we quickly forgot the rest of our plans for the day.

The water was transparent and fresh! Surrounded by lush, vegetated pathways leading to a choice of open-air and partial caves cenotes; all we needed to do was choose which one first.

There was also a small jumping platform for the adventurous looking for quick entry into the fresh waters of the cenote. Dean was one of those contenders!

We had read a few blogs on cenotes around Playa del Carmen, so armed with this knowledge we made sure to take our snorkel gear with us to Cenote Cristalino. This meant we could see the plethora of fish and plant life that’s taken up residence here.

An added benefit to the fish you will find in this cenote is that they will kindly nibble off dead skin from your feet if you leave them dangling in the water for too long. Who needs to visit a foot spa?!

Another added bonus, and perhaps the biggest bonus of Cenote Cristalino, is that it is not visited by the tour buses!! Making it a relaxed and uncrowded watering hole. Our kind of paradise!

On top of that, the pathways, gardens and change rooms are clean and rubbish free, which was nice. There is also a small cafe on the grounds if you’re looking for refreshments.

If you would like to see footage of beautiful Cenote Cristalino, we invite you to check out our YouTube Channel, we posted a VLOG recently.

Here’s a little of what you need to know about Cenote Cristalino:

· The entrance fee 150 pesos for adults.

· Your entrance fee includes the optional use of a life jacket.

· Snorkel gear is available to hire at an additional cost.

· It’s open Monday to Sunday from 9am to 5pm.

How to get there:

Hire a taxi to drop you off or ride in a colectivo. Look for the colectivo with ‘Tulum’ on the front, from Playa del Carmen. (Let the driver know you want to get off at Cenote Cristanlino).

We recommend not to miss visiting this cenote when you come to México!

A big shout out to our hard working Editor, Jess Downes – she can be contacted at HTTP:www.linkedin.com/in/jess-downes

Jess can help you with all your editing and marketing requirements at a reasonable cost. 🙂

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